Technical Security Audits

NXme Technical Security Auditing services consist of a suite of analysis, testing and audit modules that are combined to meet the unique security needs of each system and client. These modules evaluate the current security level of the system's hardware and software components. They include detailed customized reports with comprehensive technical analysis, risk identification, findings and concrete recommendations on fixes. Technical security services can be applied as one-time projects or periodically, depending on your needs.

Systems Are Vulnerable

Is it possible to gain unauthorized access to your system? Are your workstations installed with the latest security patches? Is your web application vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting or SQL-injection attacks? Are your servers, firewalls and other network components hardened to provide maximum security to your system?

Technical data security questions should be accurately and regularly addressed, to ensure that a potential adversary cannot exploit any known vulnerability in order to compromise the system. The adversary may be e.g. somebody in the same business field, organized crime or just an occasional intruder. Even viruses and worms are able to spread widely if the proper security actions have not been taken into account.

Any data system component - server, workstation, network element or software - can be the weakest link in information security. Applying technology and know-how to safeguard data systems is our core competence and we provided more than 100 technical security audits sine 2006.

NXme's Technical Security Audits

Each technical security audit includes detailed and customized reports with the following contents:

  • Technical analysis
  • Risk identification
  • Findings
  • Recommendations

The core of our technical security audits consist of the following modules:

  • Network discovery and vulnerability analysis
    • From the Internet
    • From within your internal network
  • Web application testing
  • Distributed application testing
    • Penetration testing
  • Platform audits (operating system, database etc.)
  • Network architecture audits
  • Network element audits (firewall, router etc.)
  • Code reviews

For more detailed information about some of our most popular services, refer to the brochures provided in the "Related Information"-chapter on the right. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions related to your security needs.

Key Customer Benefits

Regular technical security audits guarantee consistent security level

Help to make good investment decisions based on measured needs

Added user and customer confidence in the security of the system facilitates higher level of business transactions

Effective security protects from lost business due to compromised data confidentiality, integrity or availability

Highly effective combination of tools provide extensive and up to date coverage of security checks

In-depth analysis and reports outline and prioritize the problems and give concrete recommendations to solve them

The results can be directly turned into relevant security development action points for the system that lead to increased efficiency of IT staff

Makes tracking of security level improvement easier

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